A business’ Purpose, Vision and Values are central to its operations, brand and overall ethos. Showcasing these core attributes of the business and successfully imparting them to colleagues, clients and visitors alike was the brief for the My Visual Management team for this project. 

This was achieved through the installation of a series of simple and smart visual panels. Each panel housed a bespoke design that communicated a key element of the business’ Purpose, Vision and Values. The series, installed throughout the site and within the boardroom, worked together to provide a cohesive effect and provided visual interest throughout. Within the corporate setting of the site – the boardroom and so on – polished acrylic panels complete with classy stainless steel stand off fixings were employed to hold the visuals. 

Within the industrial or factory settings, different materials can be utilised as required. For example, in some areas a magnetic version of the Purpose Vision and Values graphics might be more appropriate, offering a solution that does not require wall fixings of any kind. To discover how you can impart site-wide key messages within your business, feel welcome to make contact

Purpose, Vision & ValuesPurpose, Vision & ValuesPurpose, Vision & Values