Magnetic document holders display printed documents. Because they are magnetic, they stick to any steel surface or steel clad factory walls. Similarly, we supply adhesive magnetic material so any wall or surface can take a magnetic document holder. Consequently, magnetic document holders are used anywhere. For the reason that they are so easy to update, they are also used on visual management boards, KPI boards, or dry wipe whiteboards.

Magnetic document holders display documents

The magnetic document holders instantly display important paper documents. Furthermore, documents are changed quickly and easily. This is because this approach supports continuous improvement.

Protective transparent fronts

Our magnetic document holders are splash resistant because they have transparent fronts. Consequently, documents are protected, particularly in wet areas. Likewise, when used in busy areas, the transparent front protects your document from being accidentally brushed off.

Dry wipe frame for your magnetic document holder

Choose to finish the frame of your document holder in dry wipe material. As a result, write on the frame front with a dry wipe pen because quick updates are useful.

Magnetic document holders made to order

Magnetic document holders from My Visual Management are made to order because they are customised. First of all, they hold exactly the information you need. Likewise, they are available in exactly the size you need. As a result they fit perfectly in your work area and therefore close to the process at hand.

Rust resistant and shatterproof

Most noteworthy, our magnetic document holders are made from rust resistant, shatterproof and food safe materials. Therefore they are safely used in food production environments. Likewise they are strong and durable.

Hygienic Surface

Our magnetic document holders are washable and clean because hygiene is a priority. Both the front and back of the document holder withstands regular cleaning because we know this matters. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean the wall or surface behind the document holder without compromising it.

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