The design stage of the visual management process is where all that is discovered during the initial consultation phase is translated into effective and standout visual designs by My Visual Management’s experienced and qualified design and marketing professionals.

Designs almost always include elements of graphic design but can also incorporate photography, copywriting and illustration – all skills offered by the My Visual Management team, which has particular expertise in implementing continuous improvement and visual management strategies across a range of sites.

All areas within the site that are to have visuals are carefully measured by our team and particular attention is paid to achieving the very best use of space and to making the most of the site’s own architectural and functional features. It’s not just about putting a standard pre-sized visual on a wall, it’s about coming up with a compelling visual that works with the fabric of your site.

As well as supplying flat proofs of the designs for the visuals, My Visual Management will also provide your team with a photographic projection of how the visual(s) will look once completed and in-situ, in order to help you envisage how your visuals will look once installed.