Photography and further creative services – like copywriting and illustration – are routinely incorporated into the design phase of the visual management process and are delivered seamlessly by the My Visual Management creative team.

These skills – particularly photography and copywriting – are, however, sometimes required in isolation too. For instance, photos may be needed to cover an event or for PR or marketing purposes; staff, team or departmental photos are often needed to create or update a “who’s who” or “wall of fame”; reference site photos and even aerial photography might be useful for reference purposes. The My Visual Management  team has plenty of experience in delivering on all of these fronts with photographers being very used to wearing hairnets and other accessories associated with the production setting too!

In terms of copywriting, an important informational document might benefit from being professionally written or proof-read by the My Visual Management copywriting team; so this support service is also on offer in isolation through My Visual Management with qualified copywriters having specific experience of visual management and a useful backdrop of knowledge of continuous improvement and principles underpinning Kaizen, Lean or 5S, for example.