Our latest visual management project is this quality working area. We made it for our client to show quality standards in this essential working area.

Our team took care of every aspect of the visual management for this factory based project. Likewise, we supported our client every step of the way. We designed and installed all the graphics.

Making this quality working area

Set neatly in the corner of the factory, this ‘quality temple’ works for its team. This is because standards are clearly marked using a red and green system. Every visual is a quick and easy point of reference because it works at a glance.  Above all, the quality standards are highly visible.

Our Approach

At My Visual Management we make visual management boards and displays that support continuous improvement, 5s and Lean strategies. Our visual management products are custom made to meet your needs. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we can still help because we design products for you. As such, we custom make all signs, boards and wall visuals. We work with you to deliver what’s best. Our team turns a simple idea into a professional design. This is then made into a highly functional visual management display (or quality working area).

We offer options for creating the perfect display for you.  If needed, we can add magnetic areas, a dry-wipe finish (for use with whiteboard pens). Likewise, we can add Red/Green sliders or R.A.G. (Red, Amber, Green) status dials so you can quickly update your board. We can also turn whiteboards into visual tools. These are just a few examples of how we work to meet your needs.

All visual management designs are custom sized so they fit the space you have available. Furthermore, all our visual products are durable so they withstand industrial cleaning.

To find out more about making your own quality working area, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

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