Magnetic whiteboard overlays are dry wipe. In short, give your magnetic whiteboard a new face. Likewise, transform an existing whiteboard into a visual management tool. Furthermore, choose extra accessories and options. Therefore, make it show what you need. Likewise, make it function exactly as you need too.

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Durable Magnetic


Professionally Designed

Magnetic Whiteboard Overlays – a new face

Whiteboard overlays are a magnetic face to cover any magnetic whiteboard. That is to say, use it to transform any existing magnetic whiteboard into a  visual management display. We custom make your whiteboard overlays to fit any size you need. Therefore place it directly over the front of your existing magnetic whiteboard. Furthermore, we can supply the whiteboard if you need us to. We make overlays from highly durable magnetic sheet. In short, we understand the rigours of the lean working environment.
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Make your own magnetic whiteboard overlay. Therefore, print exactly what you need on it
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Stay current and agile with magnetic overlays

Magnetic whiteboard overlays are easy to update

Your whiteboard overlay offers all the benefits of your magnetic whiteboard, plus more…  Firstly, it’s dry wipe. Secondly, choose to add magnetic labels. Finally it works with status dials or sliders. In addition, swap the entire overlay for a new design. In other words, peel the overlay off and replace it when you need.  Most importantly, work with the most up to date information.
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Flexible and versatile Magnetic Whiteboard Overlays

Custom make your visual display using one or more whiteboard overlays.  Above all, make your own process visual and easy to update now, or anytime.
Therefore, for example, use one overlay as a standalone visual display to cover your entire magnetic whiteboard. On the other hand, however, combine a number of custom magnetic overlays to deliver a dynamic visual. As a result, it has different sections that connect seamlessly. Above all, each magnetic section is easy to change. Furthermore, now, or at any time in the future. If, for instance, details need amending or you update your logo.
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Use one or more custom magnetic whiteboard overlays to create your visual display

Examples of Magnetic whiteboard Overlays

Further options for magnetic whiteboard overlays

Add colour coded updates because they offer instant visibility. Therefore, choose Red/Green, or Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status indicators. Above all, this provides instant reference because an area’s status is visible. Likewise, at a glance. These are just some examples of available options. Further examples in the gallery below.  Most importantly, we ensure your magnetic whiteboard overlay works perfectly for you.
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Deliver maximum visual impact so information is highly visible
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Durable and easy to clean. Furthermore, easy to set in place. Likewise, simple to peel off

Magnetic Whiteboard Overlays offer a hygienic Surface

Our magnetic overlays can be washed down and cleaned because hygiene is a priority. Both the front and back of the overlay withstand regular cleaning. Furthermore, clean the whiteboard behind the overlay. Also, you can simply remove and replace your overlay. Finally, it rolls up and is easy to store for future use.
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Magnetic Whiteboard Overlays are functional and flexible

Choose extra magnetic functions for your overlay. Firstly, for example, magnetic document holders. Secondly, numbered magnetic stickers or labels. Finally, because it’s dry wipe, update it with a standard whiteboard pen.  These are just some examples of how to customise our overlays to meet your needs. We offer this flexible approach because, above all, each overlay is made to work for you.
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Choose doubled sided labels. Therefore, change status as you need.

Functionality for your magnetic whiteboard overlays…


Quality status Indicator Meter

Make the status of your processes visible in real time by using status indicators. Choose from dials, sliders, gauges, magnetic colour coded labels and more.

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status dials modular visual management board

All our board options work with our board accessories and status indicators  Above all, these add engagement with visual functionality and real time updates.

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Coloured magnetic labels for modular visual management board

Attaches to any magnetic board or surface. Use to segregate equipment and order your workplace. Swap, add or remove them as needed.

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Single sheet document holder

Use magnetic document holders to display important paper documents. Enjoy flexibility by choosing display frames for single or multiple sheets.

Further Info
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Above all, add information and functions you need
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Each overlay is custom designed so it fulfils your requirements

Custom designed Whiteboard Overlays

Each whiteboard overlay we make is customised because it is made to achieve your targets. Therefore it needs to show exactly the information you need.

First of all, it includes your team or business name. Secondly, it is custom designed to show all the fields or information you need to make and track progress. Similarly, it is made to offer any further functions you need. Noteworthy examples include magnetic status sliders, magnetic document holders, or magnetic numerals or months.

Furthermore, your whiteboard overlay is professionally designed by our in-house design team. We have particular experience in delivering visual management boards and overlays. Finally, your whiteboard overlay is also custom sized. This is because it needs to fit perfectly in your work space. Likewise, it must fit close to the process at hand.

The design team at My Visual Management is highly experienced because we create whiteboard overlays on a daily basis. We take a simple idea and turn it into a fully functional whiteboard overlay. Working from a basic sketch or note is part of our service because we want to make life easy. Involving you is also part of the process so you can see the idea develop. Above all, our team works with you so you can be sure you are happy with the end result. Once the design is set, My Visual Management puts your whiteboard overlay into production. If preferred we also supply custom designed whiteboards.

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Printed Whiteboard example

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5S board example

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status dials modular visual management board

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Ideas Gallery

NHS magnetic overlay rolled

Be inspired by browsing our Magnetic Overlays Gallery page showing a range of overlays that we have designed and produced for previous clients.

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Our Approach

Most importantly, we make visual management boards everyday. As a result, we have so much experience. Furthermore, we work for organisations throughout the UK. Likewise, in Europe and America.

Similarly, we support businesses in a range of sectors.  Firstly, food production. Secondly, utilities and transport. In addition, pharmaceuticals, education and healthcare. Furthermore, logistics and distribution. Above all, our team works with a simple idea or sketch you have. Subsequently, we custom make you a professional visual management display. As a result, we custom make you a highly functional visual management board.

We offer options so we make the perfect board for you. So, here are a few examples. Firstly, for instance, we add magnetic areas. Similarly, a dry wipe (dry erase) finish. Furthermore, choose status indicators. in addition, board accessories. Therefore, quickly update your board. Above all, in a visual way. In short, make your processes visible. similarly, accessible. Most importantly, at a glance. These are just some examples of the ways in which we meet your needs.

Read further visual management resources articles. Similarly, visual management case studies.

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