We understand the daily challenges facing food manufacturers.
Above all, we make you your own visual management tools to meet those challenges.

Read on for examples of successful visual management for food production settings…

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Why Our Food Production Visual Management Boards Work


Improve Productivity

Monitor Performance


Continuous Improvement

  • product segregation allergen
  • Magnetic happy sad faces status label
  • Printed whiteboard with magnetic status dials
  • reduce waste visual management
  • Quality check station board

Audit ready – visual management for food production

Be audit ready. This is an everyday endeavour. Use visual management boards to set and meet audit ready standards. Make your team aware of what they need to do. Monitor progress. Likewise, track results. Above all, continually build on your success.

Meeting regulations – visual management for food production

Fulfil Health & Safety and all other regulatory obligations. Use standout visuals to show your team how to comply. For example, like these Health & Safety boards. Raise awareness of site rules. Show your team what to do. Above all, give them instant points of reference.

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  • Reddy Ice Kaizen
  • Kerry H&S board food production
  • Food Production Duerr H&S
  • Kerry H&S
  • Multilingual board
  • H&S Site Rules board
  • H&S board Kerry Foods
  • H&S communication board Place UK
  • Kerry food production KPI document holders
  • Warehouse KPI visual management board
  • Current Status dial
  • Continuous Improvement board Kettle Chips
  • Red Green Status slider
  • KPI board with clips
  • Red Green Status slider

Meeting targets – visual management for food production

Use Key Performance Indicator boards to track performance. In other words, use these KPI boards to provide the status for each target. Most importantly, they give clear visual cues. Above all, they prompt action for meeting targets. KPI boards are an essential visual management tool for any progressive or lean environment.

Quality Control – visual management for food production

In short, create your own quality station. Show your quality standards in a way that’s instantly clear. Firstly, show what good looks like. Secondly, show defects to watch out for. Make your own visuals for your own processes. Above all, set and meet your quality standards. Furthermore, put in place a site wide strategy and achieve quality every step of the way.

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  • Kettle quality info station
  • Quality check station board Kettle crisps
  • quality standards what good looks like
  • Quality counter check station
  • Quality check station hub
  • Quality what bad looks like
  • Quality check station board Crisps
  • Quality station board with clips
  • Quality check station board
  • Park Cakes SQDC 500 x 405
  • Multilingual board
  • SQDC board
  • SQDCCE PAL board
  • Park Cakes SQDC Here & Now board doc holders
  • Johnnie Walker contractor printed whiteboard
  • Cobb status sliders board
  • magnetic document holders for modular visual management board
  • Visual management board for Cobb
  • near-miss-card-station
  • Red Green Status slider

Daily management processes – visual management for food production

SQDC is one example of a daily management process. It continuously tracks Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost. Make your own SQDC board to visually assess how well these processes are operating. Above all, provide your team with an instant visual assessment. Make your operations flow as smoothly and safely as possible.

Efficient Working – visual management for food production

Use production, planning and tracking boards to monitor performance. Firstly, share your targets. Secondly, log any variances. Likewise, show when to take action. Finally, assign responsibility. Above all, make your action plan work for your operational workflow. Most importantly, bring it to life in a visual way.

Problem Solving – visual management for food production

Put in place a Problem Follow Up board to manage concerns. The PFU Board is more than just a visual display. Certainly, it stands out and grabs attention. However, it also facilitates a Problem Follow Up system. In other words, write up the problem, log the cause and share the countermeasure. Likewise, assign responsibility for resolving problems. If it helps further, then add a problem follow up ticket system. In addition, consider a Practical Problem Solving board.

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  • Muntons Practical Problem Solving board
  • Bio Marine PFU
  • Kerry PFU board
  • Muntons Practical Problem Solving
  • PFU board with document holder
  • PPS Fishbone board Kettle
  • PFU board with ticket holders and status circles
  • 5W Practical Problem Solving board dry wipe
  • practical problem solving board 5W 1H Kettle
  • PFU coloured tickets
  • Ticket holder
  • PFU tickets with status circles
  • Food production foreign body H&S
  • PPE changing procedures
  • Near Miss card
  • hand wash procedures ppe
  • covid sign
  • PPE check
  • Are you dressed correctly changing procedures
  • Hand Sanitisation Station Signs
  • Hand Wash Procedures
  • Changing procedures board
  • STOP changing procedures

Communicate procedures – visual management for food production

Most importantly, make all communications clear in an instant. Use pictures for quick reference. Add headings. In some cases, however, explaining procedures in one language is not enough. Therefore, why not put in place multilingual communications? A good example of this in action is the PPE check station. Likewise, create hand sanitisation stations. In addition, communicate hand wash procedures in a highly visual way.

Continuous Improvement

Show your targets and benchmark results. Then upgrade your targets because this is how progress happens. Make targets and results instantly visible. Achieve new standards because you continually monitor progress, track results and update targets. Most importantly, this is the cycle of Continuous Improvement in action. Use status dials to do this in a very visual way.

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  • Reddy Ice Kaizen CI board
  • KPI Operations board
  • Pilgrim Continuous Improvement magnetic overlay dry wipe
  • Production tracking board
  • Almac status sliders
  • Dry wipe board printed whiteboard
  • RAG status dials modular board
  • Chiller segregation
  • Food segregation
  • Segregation labels
  • Food segregation
  • Food segregation Kerry Foods
  • Floor markings
  • Food segregation

Manage segregation – visual management for food production

Safely manage segregation. Firstly, for allergen control. Secondly, for general product segregation. Finally, to organise your warehouse or workplace. There are a number of visual management tools to help. Make your own visual management boards to show how segregation works. Likewise, you can even choose full scale wall visuals to segregate your factory. Take further action still, and separate areas using floor markings. Above all, deliver your segregation targets in highly visual way. Make them instantly clear.

Organise your workplace – visual management for food production

Use the 5S system to organise your workplace environment. In short, in a visual way. Firstly, Sort all equipment. Secondly, Set in Order. Next, maintain your equipment in the Shine phase. Furthermore, create good habits with Standardise. Finally, ensure longevity in best practice with Sustain. In addition, add custom status indicators to mark progress in real time. Likewise, choose dry wipe option. Lastly, include document holders to display procedures.

Custom made shadow boards and cleaning stations. These work because they instantly show when a tool is missing. Furthermore, they show the shape of the missing tool. Importantly, custom make your own shadow boards and cleaning stations to suit your workplace. Firstly, to show your specific equipment or clothing. Secondly, size it to fit your space. Finally, choose from hooks, pegs or whatever you need to best make the board work. In short, your board is made to keep your workplace tidy and well organised.

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  • Reddy Ice Kaizen 5S
  • 5S board example
  • 5S board status indicators
  • Floor marking corner
  • Floor markings
  • Lock out station food
  • Wagamama kitchen utensil shadow board
  • Tool shadow board Wagamama
  • PPE cap hooks board
  • Shadow board rings
  • Tool shadow board
  • Mental Health first aid board
  • Kerry postbox
  • suggestions board with document holder and letterbox
  • Food Production permit document holders
  • Kerry Food Production team break board
  • Kerry Permit board
  • Kerry Food Production team shift board
  • Custom notice board
  • Company notice board close up Place UK
  • Wagamama info notice board
  • Warehouse KPI visual management board

Manage your team – visual management for food production

Manage shift patterns. Set up a team holiday planner. Show who the senior leadership is. Establish a wall of fame and celebrate staff successes. Share staff notices and build a community within your team. Custom make your own noticeboards and other visual displays for your team.

Bring site strategies to life

Don’t just tell visitors and staff your carbon zero strategy, for example. Show them. make your own sustainability board. Furnish it with facts, images and statistics. Above all, show how your site is making progress. For example, show the status of each of your targets. Make those targets easy to update.

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  • Duerrs sustainability board
  • sustainability board
  • Duerrs sustainability board
  • Magnetic numbers for modular visual management board
  • Sustainability vision board
  • Sustainability board with document holders
  • Sustainability board Kerry Foods
  • Wall Visuals corridor
  • Pilgrim outdoor visual board
  • Welcome Wall visuals Burton
  • Wall visuals Kerry Foods
  • Wall visuals corridor Kerry Foods
  • Wagamama wall visual stairway

Make your setting vibrant and welcoming

Make your site welcoming. Furthermore, set out your mission statement. In other words, state why your organisation exists and what it achieves. Above all, do it in style. That is to say, turn your walls into vibrant statements about what you do with our custom wall visuals. Likewise, why you do it. Make a big bold statement. Shout about your successes in a visual way. Likewise, celebrate and praise your team.

Engage with your own Visual Management Performance Hub

Above all, make optimum performance a habit. Therefore, set and assess daily targets, at a glance. As a result, work with most relevant and up-to-date information. Furthermore, monitor and update performance metrics anytime. In short, make all aspects of performance visual, accessible and engaging. Likewise, for all the team. In addition, utilise every every side of your hub with different visuals.

  • Visual management performance hub Gresty 4
  • Visual management performance hub Gresty 1
  • Visual management performance hub Gresty 2
  • Visual management performance hub Gresty 3

Visual management for food production – we support you

Most importantly, we have years of experience of delivering specialist visuals specifically for those working in food manufacturing. Therefore, we make the perfect partner for anyone implementing visual management for food production settings.

We support you to make the perfect board for your workplace. Likewise, choose exactly what you want need. Most importantly, your board (or visual) works for you.

A selection of our Food Production clients

Options and accessories

Further board options

  • Printed whiteboard example Ferrero
  • Visual management board for Cobb
  • Magnetic overlay for modular visual management board
  • Handheld printed whiteboard
  • Mobile whiteboard for PFU

So show your visual display on any of these options. Firstly, a Frameless Board. Secondly, a Printed Whiteboard. Likewise, a Magnetic Overlay (covers any magnetic whiteboard). On the other hand, choose a Mobile Whiteboard (double sided options available). Finally, Handheld Whiteboard. In short, standard and custom sizes available. Furthermore, use indoors, outdoors or in wet production areas.

Discuss your options now. Above all, we help

Further board accessories

  • status dials modular visual management board
  • Magnetic numbers for modular visual management board
  • Red green status sliders modular visual management board
  • Status Indicators
  • pass fail magnetic labels for visual management boards

So all our board options work with our board accessories and status indicators.  Above all, these add visual functionality. Therefore, accessories include a range of status indicators. Likewise, many magnetic options. For example, magnetic headers and magnetic labels. Furthermore, add document holders. In addition, T-cards and ticket systems. Most importantly, we custom make board accessories. As a result, we meet your needs.

Contact us to further discuss accessories

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