To explore how KPI boards work, let’s first consider why they work…

Most relevant info, at a glance

Why KPI boards work is because they show the most relevant information, in a highly visual way. Furthermore, they make the most information instantly accessible, at a glance.

Let’s explore this idea further with an analogy. Let’s take the example of a pilot operating a plane. In this case, the aircraft’s cockpit contains numerous flight instruments. Above all, successfully controlling these is what enables the pilot to fly the plane. The instrument panel in the cockpit is rather like the car dashboard. Both display the most relevant information for the pilot (or driver), to make the best choices. Navigational data, for example, tells them where to go next… Most importantly, without the input of the most relevant and up-to-date information, neither pilot or driver could make the best decisions.

How KPI boards work – smarter working

So, in short, the successful KPI board shows you the most relevant information. Furthermore, at a glance. Above all, this is vital for making the best decisions for how to make progress. Therefore, a KPI Board tracks your Key Performance Indicators (or targets) in a visual way. Most importantly, this enables you to make smart decisions. In addition, your KPI Board provides an instant visual reference for the status of each target. For example, a status dial or slider.

Back to our analogy. This time, however, the car driver… Driving a vehicle is a solo activity. In other words, the driver alone makes the decisions for what to do next. A successful KPI board, however, works for your whole team. That is to say, it must provide easy visual reference for all your team. Therefore, it needs to be instantly clear. As a result, showing the status of any KPI you are assessing is essential. Similarly, it’s equally important that information is accessible to everyone, at a glance. Finally, making easy updates to a target’s status is vital, so you work from the most up-to-date data.

How our KPI boards work for you

Custom make a KPI Board that works for you and shows your specific targets. We provide plenty of options for making the very best one for your setting. Firstly, for example, make it dry wipe. Therefore, add written information directly on to it. Furthermore, erase and re-write. Secondly, add magnetic accessories.  Use these to change headings or fields. Likewise to add numbers for updating numerical data. A further example, choose status dials for instant visual reference of progress. For example, choose red for “needs action”. Similarly, amber for “in progress”. Meanwhile, green for “complete”.

How KPI boards work for Continuous Improvement

Use your KPI Board to assess your processes and track results because this is how progress happens. This type of visual management board works because targets are visible. Furthermore, results are continually updatable. Achieve new standards because your board instantly shows your current status. Furthermore, it clearly shows all the team how to make progress. Update your targets easily. Meet those targets. Then update them again. Meet those targets and so on… In short, the KPI board serves the adaptive workplace that is constantly striving to improve.

KPI Board
KPI boards show important information in a highly visual way
Production KPI Board
Can be custom designed for quick and easy updates
Slider accessory square pic
Add sliders for instant visual status
magnetic numbers
We can custom make magnetic accessories for your needs
Continuous-Improvement-board-1 printed whiteboard dry wipe
Use KPI boards for your Continuous Improvement strategy

Examples of our KPI Boards

Our Approach

We create visual management boards everyday. As a result we have plenty of experience. We work for organisations in food production, the power industry, national rail, pharmaceuticals, education, healthcare, packaging and distribution.

Our team works with a simple idea or sketch and creates a professionally designed layout. This is then turned into a highly functional visual management board.

We offer customised options because we want to create the perfect board for you. So, here are a few examples. We can add magnetic areas or a dry-wipe finish (for use with whiteboard pens). Furthermore, you can choose Red/Green sliders or R.A.G. (Red, Amber, Green) status dials so you can quickly and visually update your board. These are just a few examples of the ways in which our boards can be tailored to meet your needs. You may also be interested in whiteboard overlays that can be used on top of an existing magnetic board.

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