Brief: Custom make Personal Protective Equipment / PPE check stations. These are for use on the entrance of critical areas.
Clients: Del Monte, Guernsey Dairy, Kerry Foods, Kettle Foods, Wagamama
Industry: Food production

Good to know

PPE check stations work because they show what PPE to wear in a critical area, before entering it.

In short, we deliver custom made PPE check stations (like the ones featuring in this case study). Above all, we custom make your check station so it meet your needs.

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Quick and easy to follow

These stations offer guidance for various items of PPE. For example: hairnet, earplugs, face mask, white factory coat and footwear. Most importantly, these stations provide an instantly visible and easy PPE checklist. Likewise, they are a final checkpoint before entering an area. Check stations show how to wear PPE correctly. In contrast, check stations also display common mistakes to avoid. Many of these check stations appear just before the entrance to critical areas. Similarly, we also produce PPE check stations at exits to critical areas. These show the changing procedure when leaving the environment.

Above all, use PPE check stations to ensure your team follows your PPE procedures.

Step by step guidance

Certainly, these check stations work because they offer instant guidance. They show how to wear every element of PPE correctly. Similarly, what order to put on (or remove) PPE.

Most importantly, the PPE check station poses the essential question: are you dressed correctly to enter this area?

Easy to understand with images and words

Our check stations show pictures (usually photos but sometimes icons) with relevant instructions. In addition, show the wording in a second (or even a third) language. For instance, one of examples pictured includes a Latvian translation.

PPE procedure pictures

Our team visits and photographs the steps of your PPE procedure because sometimes this is easiest. On the other hand, we happily work with your photos if this is easier. Most importantly, our service suits you.

Custom sized to fit your space

Our custom check stations fit your doors or walls. You choose the most visible space before entering the critical area. Consequently, we make your board the right size for you.

Showing your procedures

Above all, we custom make each PPE board so it reflects your procedures. Furthermore, it provides the most relevant information for your setting and your team.

Your brand and your procedure

First of all, your check station shows your organisation’s branding. For example, in this case study, the designs represent the brand in each case. Secondly, each board shows exactly the right PPE. (Other forms of PPE could include scrubs, visor, beard snood, gloves and so on…)

Magnetic option

For steel clad walls, we offer magnetic PPE check stations. These attach direct. Remove and clean these without hassle. Likewise, wash the wall behind and then reattach the visual.

Options for magnetic whiteboards

Convert an existing magnetic whiteboard into a PPE check station. Achieve this using our magnetic whiteboard overlays.

Durable and fit for purpose

All our visual management boards – including check stations – are durable. They survive even the most rigorous work settings.

Further information

Read more about check stations, or see more of our projects.

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Stop board and employee
STOP board
Changing Procedures board
Easy to follow instructions
PPE Check board signage or stations
Are you dressed correctly?
PPE check board
Clearly labelled for impact
Changing Procedures board with mirror
Visitor PPE check board with built in mirror.
Food Production area board
Changing area PPE check point (on the door, before entering the area)
PPE Changing order board
Get changed in the correct order
PPE signage PPE sign
PPE signage