A visual management strategy is pointed to maintain and uphold quality and operational standards across a whole site.

Visuals can be implemented on a department by department basis or throughout the whole site. What the visuals and visual tools will have in common is that they are engaging, powerful and provide an instant reminder of what’s expected from a given process or at a specific checkpoint.

Visuals and visual tools are tailored to suit your specific needs and site, making the most of a site’s existing infrastructure and equipment. The purpose of My Visual Management is to identify opportunities throughout a site to create visual tools, aids and prompts in order to maintain quality and operational standards – these might take the form of wall or floor visuals, display boards or the creation of quality control checkpoints.

Learn more about our recent Quality Counter project, which exemplifies visual management in action and what My Visual Management delivers on a daily basis.

To find out more about implementing visual management at your site, feel welcome to contact us