Our cleaning stations and hand sanitisation stations are essential for efficient and hygienic working areas. Furthermore, they support a strong lean and 5s workplace.

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Streamlined Workplace

Firstly, cleaning stations work because they eliminate lost time spent searching for the right cleaning tools. Likewise, they make it highly visible when a tool is either missing or in use. Secondly, they allow cleaning tools to be separated by department or area because boards and tools can be colour coded. Similarly, boards can also be titled by area.

Rust resistant and durable

Cleaning stations from My Visual Management are highly durable because they are made from resilient composite materials. They are suitable for all environments including food production. We supply high quality, rust resistant stainless steel components so you’re audit ready everyday. These include stainless steel hooks, pegs and clips.

Professionally Designed

As for all our other visual management products we provide professional design as part of the service. As a result, we create that perfect layout for you. Likewise, we create your cleaning station in your company colours. Similarly, we include your logo. Furthermore, since our cleaning stations are designed per job, each one is unique and specific to our your exact requirements.

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