Client: Princess Yachts
Industry: Luxury / Leisure
Brief: for My Visual Management to supply a range of COVID-19 Awareness signage. These customised products were for use across six sites including Princess Yachts’ headquarters in Plymouth.

More about this project

The team at Princess Yachts, a leading UK luxury yacht manufacturer, required a range of visual management products to support them in their endeavour to make all sites COVID secure. As a result, the team at My Visual Management custom made a range of hand sanitisation stations, double sided swing signs and Prevent the Spread and Beware COVID-19 Villain posters.

How our COVID Secure visual management products work

These products work because they are eye-catching and offer a tangible and achievable call to action. As a result, they encourage the team to sanitise hands regularly with step by step instructions. Likewise, they remind people to socially distance. Finally, they show how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Custom made

Each and every COVID Secure visual management product was custom made and displayed Princess Yacht’s own logo. As a result, they were striking and also befitting of the site’s own brand.

Further information

If you would like us to support your workplace with customised visual management products to become COVID secure then feel welcome to contact us.

Covid swing sign
Doubled sided swing signs.
Sanitisation station board
Customised sanitisation stations.