Discover how visual management boards work with these visual management board examples.

Visual board examples – Health & Safety

More than just Health & Safety signs. Visual management boards work because they take Health & Safety communications to the next level. In other words, they not only show H&S targets but also track your progress. Choose a one-off board or make them work consistently across your site. Firstly, for example, at entrances and exits where specific Health & Safety procedures are in place. Secondly, at custom made check stations, which you can position anywhere within your workplace. For example, on gates, doors or before entering critical areas. We support you to design the perfect H&S board(s) for your workplace.

KPI board examples

This example of a visual management board tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Above all, a KPI board works because it tracks performance. Most importantly, it increases success because it offers clear visual cues. It is an essential visual management tool for any progressive or lean environment. We support you to design the perfect KPI board for your workplace.

Visual management board examples – Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost

SQDC is a daily management process. In other words, it continuously tracks Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost. The SQCD visual management board example (pictured) visually assesses how well these processes are operating. Above all, this is an essential visual management tool because it provides instant visual status. We support you to make the perfect SQDC board for your workplace. Likewise, choose exactly you want to assess. Firstly, for instance, Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and People (SQDCP). Secondly, for example, Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Engagement (SQDCE). Most importantly, your board shows and tracks the processes you need. We support you to design the perfect SQDC board for your workplace.

Sustainability and environment board examples

Custom make your own sustainability board like this visual management board example. Most importantly, set your sustainability targets and track progress. Include areas that are easy to update so your board lasts the duration of your sustainability plan. Show instant progress with status dials. Deliver a sustainability site plan in a visual way. Engage your team within the process. Above all, use your sustainability board to meet sustainability targets. Highly visible and bright. Make your sustainability board extremely visual. As a result, it stands out within its surroundings. Furthermore, colours match subjects. For example, green shows progress to reduce carbon emissions. Likewise, bright yellow relates to energy use. We support you to design the perfect sustainability board for your workplace.

Visual management board examples for Continuous Improvement

The best examples of visual management boards are easy to update and edit. Furthermore, they come with a range of accessories. Most importantly, they bring your Continuous Improvement strategy to life. Above all, they show the status for any given target in a visual way. Likewise, they are intuitive and instantly clear.

visual management board example health and safety
An example of a visual management board for Health & Safety
Continuous Improvement board for Kettle Chips
Use status sliders or dials. They work because a target’s status is instantly clear
An example of an SQDC visual management board
Sustainability Strategy board for Kerry Foods
Sustainability visual management board. Status dials work because it’s super easy to update.

Our Approach

We create visual management boards everyday. As a result we have plenty of experience. We work for organisations in food production, the power industry, national rail, pharmaceuticals, education, healthcare, packaging and distribution.

Our team works with a simple idea or sketch and creates a professionally designed layout. This is then turned into a highly functional visual management board.

We offer customised options because we want to create the perfect board for you. So, here are a few examples. We can add magnetic areas or a dry-wipe finish (for use with whiteboard pens). Furthermore, you can choose Red/Green sliders or R.A.G. (Red, Amber, Green) status dials so you can quickly and visually update your board. These are just a few examples of the ways in which our boards can be tailored to meet your needs. You may also be interested in  whiteboard overlays that can be used on top of an existing magnetic board.

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