Why dry wipe visual management boards work

Our dry wipe visual management boards are simple to use and easy to update. They work with standard dry wipe marker pens so it is easy to write on them. Unwanted writing is also wiped off cleanly using a standard whiteboard eraser. Because this writing process can be repeated many times, dry wipe is a flexible finish.

Made for you

Each dry wipe visual management board we make is unique because it is made for you. First of all, it is customised so it achieves your targets. Secondly, it shows exactly the information you need so it can include your own team name, for instance. Your board is also custom sized. This is so it fits perfectly in your work area and close to the process at hand.

You might want magnetic document holders or numbered magnetic stickers, so you can choose magnetic areas on your board. Similarly, you might want to add colour coded updates for instant visibility. Therefore you can choose Red/Green sliders or Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status dials for your board. This provides instant reference because an area’s status is immediately visible. These are just some examples of how our boards can be customised to meet your needs. We do this because, above all, they are made to work for you.

Use our experience

The design team at My Visual Management is highly experienced because we create visual management boards on a daily basis. We take a simple idea and turn it into a fully functional dry wipe visual management board. Working from a basic sketch or note is part of our service because we want to make life easy. Involving you is also part of the process so you can see the idea develop. Above all, our team works with you so you can be sure you are happy with the end result. Once the design is set, My Visual Management puts your board into production.

Quality boards

All My Visual Management boards are made from lightweight and durable materials because that they need to last. Even in busy or wet areas, boards withstand the challenges of the environment because they are fit for purpose.

A board design produced by us is printed, sealed and laminated with a dry wipe face, because the laminate provides the best dry wipe surface. Furthermore, it also creates a protective layer so the design lasts.

We supply transparent fronts for when your dry wipe board is for use in busy or wet areas because the transparent front protects your information from being accidentally wiped off.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your dry wipe visual management board project. To speak about an idea with our team, please feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

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