The making of an SQDCCE Board

There are interesting aspect to this SQDCCE board. Firstly, the addition of CE to SQDC. Secondly, the custom magnetic status labels. Many boards show standard Red Amber Green status options. This board, on the other hand, adds more. For example, the Amber label reads "? Be Alert". Likewise, Red is "Stop! Correct". In other words, this prompts instant assessment and action.

What is a printed whiteboard?

A printed whiteboard shows what you need it to. In other words, it is a normal whiteboard but with information you choose printed on it. In short, to show exactly the information you need. Furthermore, make a standard whiteboard into a tool to help you work better. Your whiteboard works for you and your processes. There are a number of options for creating your own one.

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What is an SQDC Board?

Above all, your SQDC Board provides an instant visual assessment. SQDC is a daily management process. It continuously tracks Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost. Use your SQDC board to visually represent this management process. Most importantly, show your status for each process.

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Printed whiteboard examples

These printed whiteboard examples show the many different ways they work. Above all, a printed whiteboard delivers flexibility. Firstly, this is because it is dry wipe. Therefore, it is very easy to update. For busy areas, choose options to protect the written content on your whiteboard. Secondly, use magnetic status dials to add clarity. Finally, choose labels and other accessories to further bring your whiteboard to life.

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Continuous Improvement in action

Our boards are updateable, editable and come with a range of accessories so they bring your Continuous Improvement strategy to life. Here’s how our boards work for you

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