Bespoke visual management boards and visual tools offered by My Visual Management facilitates successful segregation to suit your site and operations.

Successful segregation – delivered through visual management – is an imperative aspect of operations, whether to delineate between different production areas or to segregate food. Visual Management boards with segregation codes, key allergen information and/or  imagery to delineate a process or area – instantly and clearly define segregated areas in an eye-catching way. 

My Visual Management works closely with your team to deliver effective segregation visual management via a range of visual management tools (including wall visuals, display boards, floor markings or production line signage and visual management boards) to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail.

You may also be interested in shadow boards and these are also tools produced by My Visual Management on a bespoke basis. Shadow boards, or shadow foam, depict which set of tools or equipment is stored where and also reveal when an item is missing by showing its shape and shadow.