Make your own custom printed magnetic overlays like those showing in this case study. These are extremely flexible and versatile. Read more and find out why…

Client: INEOS Group – The Forties Pipeline System

Industry: oil and gas liquid transportation and processing

Brief: to produce A3 and A2 custom printed magnetic overlays. Sizes take into account restricted space owing to the setting.

How custom printed magnetic overlays work 

Firstly, for example, use an overlay as a standalone visual display to cover your entire magnetic whiteboard. We offer any size you need to match your available space, or your existing magnetic whiteboard. (In addition, we can supply the whiteboard too.)

 Secondly, on the other hand, however, combine a number of custom printed magnetic overlays to deliver a dynamic visual. Therefore, it has different sections that connect seamlessly. Above all, each magnetic section is easy to change. Furthermore, now, or at any time in the future. If, for instance, details need amending, or you update your logo.

Custom printed magnetic overlays – a new face for your whiteboard

Custom printed magnetic overlays are a new face to cover any magnetic whiteboard. So, use it to transform any existing magnetic whiteboard into your own visual display.

Most importantly, we specifically make each custom magnetic overlay to meet your needs.

Also known as magnetic whiteboard overlays, each one is made from highly durable material.

Easy to update

Custom printed magnetic overlays offer all the benefits of your magnetic whiteboard, plus more…  Firstly, it is dry wipe. Secondly, choose to add magnetic labels. Finally, it works with other magnetic options (see below). For instance, status indicators and magnetic labels. In addition, swap the entire overlay for a new design.

Choose extra magnetic functions for your custom magnetic overlay. Firstly, for example, magnetic document holders. Secondly, number sets or labels. Finally, change headings and titles.  These are just some examples of how to customise our overlays to meet your needs. We offer this flexible approach because, above all, each overlay is made to work for you.

Custom printed magnetic overlays with a hygienic surface

The overlay is easy to wipe and clean. Both the front and back withstand regular cleaning. Furthermore, clean the whiteboard behind the overlay. Also, simply remove and replace your overlay.

Start my Printed Magnet Overlay
magnetic whiteboard overlays Custom magnet overlays magnetic overlays
The example from this case study – custom sized and print
magnetic whiteboard overlay or printed magnet overlay
Fixes and peels off a magnetic whiteboard (or magnetic surface) with ease
printed whiteboard cover whiteboard overlay roll
Rolls up easily
Whiteboard overlays printed magnet overlay
Show exactly what you need
Production KPI Board
Add magnetic headings and other accessories (see gallery below for ideas)

Accessories for your Printed Magnet Overlay

Red Amber Green Status Dial

Status dials for magnetic signs

Attaches to any magnetic surface. Widely used on our visual management boards. Gives instant Red Amber Green (RAG) status. Makes a target’s status immediately visible. Add custom text or labels to your status dial. Likewise, choose custom colours. Most importantly, highly visual and effective. Works for any board that tracks targets. For example, KPI boards and SQDC boards.

Slider accessory square pic

Status sliders for magnetic signs

Attaches to any board or magnetic sign. Gives instant Red or Green status. Makes a target’s status immediately visible. Fits in a smaller space than status dials. Works brilliantly for showing many targets on one board. Choose custom colours. Most importantly, highly visual and effective. Works for any board that tracks targets. For example, KPI boards and SQDC boards. See further examples.


Magnetic status

Magnetically attaches to any board. Assign Red (sad) or Green (happy) status. Labels work because they deliver clarity. Choose double-sided status labels with red status on one side, green on the other. Add custom text. For instance, label reads “done” and “to do”. Choose custom colours. Highly visual and effective. Works for any board that tracks targets. See further examples.

Reduce sugar magnetic status sustainability board for Kerry Foods

Magnetic number sets

Magnetically attaches to any board. Choose magnetic labels to add numerical data to your board. Likewise, maintain a sequential order using number sets. Similarly, update numbers relating to targets, showing instant updates. Above all, these magnetic labels make your board numerically active. See a further example in action.

magnetic headings visual management board

Magnetic headings

Magnetically attaches to any board. Brilliant to change headings. For example, change the year on an annual holiday planner board. Above all, changeable headings give flexibility. In other words, choose and change any headings you want. Swap, add or remove them as you need. See further examples.

magnetic labels for printed whiteboards

Magnetic colour coding

Attaches to any magnetic board or surface. Perfect for colour coding. For example, to segregate equipment and order your workplace. Above all, changeable colour coding labels give flexibility. Choose and change any label you want. Swap, add or remove them as you need. Choose double sided options. See further examples.

magnetic signs Goals Road map example label


Magnetically attaches to any board or sign. Therefore, ideal for adding updates. For example, add notes to your board. Choose pre-printed or dry wipe options. Available in custom sizes, shapes and colours.  Above all, changeable labels give flexibility. In other words, choose and change any labels you want. Swap, add or remove them as you need. See further examples.

problem follow up board PFU board document holder

Magnetic document holders – single sheets

Magnetic document holders display frames for single sheets. We offer various sizes. Firstly, for instance, standard A3, A4, A5 and A6. Secondly, custom size. These are splash resistant with transparent fronts. Most importantly, protect documents and keep your board neat. Above all, documents are quick and easy to change. See further examples.

Magnetic faces lables

Double sided

Double sided labels are space saving and easy to use. So, simply flip them over to show one face or the other. Choose what text or symbol you want to show. For example, happy and sad faces for visual instant updates. Likewise, make them any size. Furthermore, make them dry wipe. Above all, they are flexible and useful. See further examples.

Our Approach

We create visual management boards everyday. As a result we have plenty of experience. We work for organisations in food production, the power industry, national rail, pharmaceuticals, education, healthcare, packaging and distribution.

Our team works with a simple idea or sketch and creates a professionally designed layout. This is then turned into a highly functional visual management board.

We offer customised options because we want to create the perfect board for you. So, here are a few examples. We can add magnetic areas or a dry-wipe finish (for use with whiteboard pens). Furthermore, you can choose Red/Green sliders or R.A.G. (Red, Amber, Green) status dials so you can quickly and visually update your board. These are just a few examples of the ways in which our boards can be tailored to meet your needs. You may also be interested in whiteboard overlays that can be used on top of an existing magnetic board.

Start my Printed Magnet Overlay