Custom printed whiteboards are a brilliant visual tool. We print whatever you need on your whiteboard. Likewise, standard or custom sizes available. Furthermore, we offer whiteboard accessories to add functionality to your whiteboard.

Below are examples to give further ideas…

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Further examples of custom printed whiteboards

Simple custom printed whiteboards

Show your logo and a simple heading only. Smart and brand specific. So it works just like a standard whiteboard but shows your brand.

  • Printed Whiteboards Ferrero
  • Printed Whiteboard
  • KPI-board-magnetic-title
  • Production KPI Board

Custom printed whiteboards that last

Update headings, titles and more. Therefore, change your board, as and when you need. Above all, ensure your whiteboard works on an on-going basis.

Custom printed whiteboards to show status

Make a whiteboard into a status board. Add status indicators and show progress. Choose double-sided status options. Highly visual and effective. Works for any board that tracks targets.

  • Status dials with percentages
  • Continuous Improvement Status Dial
  • printed whiteboard cover
  • team planner printed whiteboard example

Custom printed whiteboards to plan

Successfully make daily tasks visible and easy to manage. Similarly, master weekly schedules in a visual way. Likewise, make annual holiday plans clear for all to see.

Custom printed whiteboards to manage KPIs

Share relevant data about Key Performance Indicators. Track and assess targets in real time.

  • KPI Continuous Improvement board
  • Continuous Improvement board for Kettle Chips
  • custom whiteboard goals road map with magnetic label

Custom printed whiteboard to inspire your team

Set a visual goals map. Likewise, mark milestones along the way. Likewise, celebrate success when you reach your target.

Custom printed whiteboards for processes and procedures

Because we custom print all whiteboards, show your own processes. We help you make them highly visual and accessible.

  • magnetic visual management board
  • what is visual management example PFU board
  • dry wipe status indicators on Problem Follow Up Board

Custom printed whiteboards for problem solving

Make issues and countermeasures visual. Therefore, support your team to solve problems effectively. Furthermore, tackle issues with a team approach. See further examples of problem solving boards.

Make your own noticeboards

Keep notices for staff tidy. Furthermore, update them with ease using magnetic document holders. See further information about custom noticeboards.

  • custom noticeboard lock
  • magnetic whiteboard overlay
  • magnetic whiteboard overlays

New faces for whiteboards

Use magnetic whiteboard overlays to give your whiteboard an entirely new face. Easy to set in place and to peel off.

Custom printed whiteboards for any setting

We print whiteboard for those working in many different settings, even outside. Our products are fit for manufacturing environments. Furthermore, we also offer mobile whiteboards.

  • mobile whiteboard example 5S board
  • handheld printed whiteboards example
  • visual management status boards

Custom sized printed whiteboards

From handheld printed whiteboards, though to mobile ones. We provide which ever whiteboard suits you best. Furthermore, choose the perfect size. Likewise, print exactly what you need on it. See further printed whiteboards.

Our Approach

We create visual management boards everyday. As a result we have plenty of experience. We work for organisations in food production, the power industry, national rail, pharmaceuticals, education, healthcare, packaging and distribution.

Our team works with a simple idea or sketch and creates a professionally designed layout. This is then turned into a highly functional visual management board.

We offer customised options because we want to create the perfect board for you. So, here are a few examples. We can add magnetic areas or a dry-wipe finish (for use with whiteboard pens). Furthermore, you can choose Red/Green sliders or R.A.G. (Red, Amber, Green) status dials so you can quickly and visually update your board. These are just a few examples of the ways in which our boards can be tailored to meet your needs. You may also be interested in whiteboard overlays that can be used on top of an existing magnetic board.

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