We custom make visual management tools for those working in the healthcare sector. Visual management shows a process in real time. Furthermore, it provides the status for a given process or procedure.

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Why Our Healthcare Visual Management Boards Work


Improve Procedures

Monitor Performance

Continuous Improvement


Continuous Improvement – visual management for healthcare

Track targets in real time. Most importantly, everyone instantly sees how the process is working, at a glance. Likewise, they can quickly identify issues and make improvements. Above all, gain insights and take action as a team.

Read on for examples of successful visual management for healthcare settings. Furthermore see how these ideas might work for you…

  • NHS team brief board
  • Woodcare Printed whiteboard
  • Balhousie printed whiteboard
Handheld printed whiteboard

Printed whiteboards – visual management for healthcare

Wall mounted

We design and print whatever you need on to a dry wipe whiteboard. Share the most relevant data you need for your processes to run smoothly. Choose framed or frameless wall mounted printed whiteboard options. Likewise, you decide the best size for your space. Useful and quick to update with dry wipe pen. Versatile and easy.

Hand held

Go for a portable printed whiteboard (A4 or custom size). Add a handle or a clip. Either way, show exactly what you need on your printed whiteboard. Dry wipe and hand held.

Whiteboard overlays – visual management for healthcare

Transform any existing magnetic whiteboard into a visual management display. In other words, we custom make magnetic whiteboard overlays to cover your existing magnetic whiteboard. Above all, show the data that’s most relevant on your whiteboard overlay. Therefore, make it work for you. In short, give an existing whiteboard an extra function as a visual management tool.

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  • NHS magnetic overlay rolled
  • NHS magnetic overlay
  • NHS magnetic overlay rolled
  • magnetic whiteboard overlay or printed magnet overlay
  • Magnetic overlay NHS
  • Magnetic Overlay rolled
  • Dry wipe board in action
  • Warehouse KPI visual management board
  • Current Status dial
  • Red Green Status slider

Audit ready – visual management for healthcare

Be audit ready, everyday. Use key performance indicator (KPI) boards to set and meet audit ready standards. Make your colleagues instantly aware of what they need to do. Furthermore, create a shared vision. Monitor your progress. Likewise, track results. Above all, continually build on your success. Most importantly, show progress towards shared targets. Therefore, facilitate a team approach. So, firstly, everyone knows what they are working towards. Secondly, they know when to take action. Likewise, finally, what action to take to meet the target.

Bring Standard Operating Procedures to life

In short, show your processes in a way that’s immediately clear. Custom make your own visual management board to reflect your own procedures. Use RAG dials or Red Green sliders to show the status of targets. Make easy updates and assign responsibility. Above all, we custom make a board that works for you.

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  • RAG status dials
  • Status sliders in action
  • Magnetic status dials
  • Hand Sanitisation Station Signs
  • hand wash procedures ppe

Meeting regulations – visual management for healthcare

Fulfil Health & Safety and all other regulatory obligations. Use standout and self-explanatory visuals to show your colleagues how to comply. Raise awareness of relevant rules. Show your team what to do. Likewise, encourage a shared approach. Above all, create instant points of reference for the most relevant information.

Problems, accidents and incidents – visual management for healthcare

Put in place a Problem Follow Up board or an Incident Report Board to manage concerns. More than just visual displays. Certainly, they stand out and grab attention. However, they also facilitate a Follow Up system. In other words, report the incident, or write up the problem. Likewise, log the cause.  Furthermore, share the countermeasure. Finally, assign responsibility for resolving issues and preventing future problems.

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  • Dry wipe incident update board
  • PFU status circles dry wipe
  • Incident update printed whiteboard
  • NHS mag overlay team info
  • Evening shift board
  • Team Holiday Planner

Manage your team – visual management for healthcare

Display shift patterns. Set up a team holiday planner. Show who senior management is. Establish a wall of fame and celebrate staff successes. Share staff notices and build a community within your workplace. Custom make your own staff noticeboards and other visual displays.

Handwashing procedures – visual management for healthcare

Use hand wash procedure boards because they make the hand washing procedures clear and accessible to all. Likewise, show the hand wash procedure above every sink. Above all, these boards make clear exactly how to wash hands using clear instructions. Similarly, they offer regular reminders and prompts to encourage hand washing.

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  • Hand Wash Procedures
  • Hand wash board
  • covid sign
  • PPE Stop Are you dressed correctly
  • PPE cap hooks board

PPE stations – visual management for healthcare

Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) changing procedure displays work because they make PPE changing procedures immediately clear. Above all, they show which item(s) must be put on, and in what order. Most importantly, make all communications clear in an instant. Use pictures for quick reference. Add headings. If you need, show text in more than one language.

A selection of our Healthcare clients

Visual management for healthcare – we support you

We support you to make the perfect board for your workplace. Likewise, choose exactly what you want need. Most importantly, your board (or visual) works for you.

Options and accessories

Further board options

  • Printed whiteboard example Ferrero
  • Visual management board for Cobb
  • Magnetic overlay for modular visual management board
  • Handheld printed whiteboard
  • Mobile whiteboard for PFU

So show your visual display on any of these options. Firstly, a Frameless Board. Secondly, a Printed Whiteboard. Likewise, a Magnetic Overlay (covers any magnetic whiteboard). On the other hand, choose a Mobile Whiteboard (double sided options available). Finally, Handheld Whiteboard. In short, standard and custom sizes available. Furthermore, use indoors, outdoors or in wet production areas.

Discuss your options now. Above all, we help

Further board accessories

  • status dials modular visual management board
  • Magnetic numbers for modular visual management board
  • Red green status sliders modular visual management board
  • Status Indicators
  • pass fail magnetic labels for visual management boards

So all our board options work with our board accessories and status indicators.  Above all, these add visual functionality. Therefore, accessories include a range of status indicators. Likewise, many magnetic options. For example, magnetic headers and magnetic labels. Furthermore, add document holders. In addition, T-cards and ticket systems. Most importantly, we custom make board accessories. As a result, we meet your needs.

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