Visual management can help you achieve social distancing in your workplace. Use a range of social distancing signs to communicate the objective to maintain 2m social distancing wherever possible.

Social distancing at entry and exit points, one way systems and hand sanitisation

Social distancing measures will be broad. For example, you may need to reduce crowding by staggering when employees arrive at and leave work.  Likewise, perhaps you’ll need to make additional entry and exit points. Similarly, maybe you’ll decide to have a one-way system for those arriving and leaving, to manage flow in a socially distanced way. Furthermore, perhaps you’ll supply hand sanitiser stations at entries and exits.

Reducing maximum occupancy and non-essential trips

Beyond arriving and leaving the workplace, you will need to reduce non-essential trips within the work buildings. Perhaps colleagues can use phones or radios instead? Likewise, you may reduce maximum occupancy for lifts and advocate the use of stairs instead. These are just a few examples of how social distancing measures can be put into action.

Signs with specific and achievable objectives for social distancing

In each case, you need to communicate how your social distancing target works. Above all, this is how visual management helps. Put up signs in your workplace that show specific and achievable targets. Make sure signs are eye catching, easy to understand and highly visible.

If, for example, you’re operating social distancing within a corridor, then use social distancing floor and wall markings (like those pictured).

Show colleagues exactly what 2m looks like

Signs with specific targets and messages can also be supported with further generalised signage. Remind colleagues to regularly wash hands and to keep a 2m distance from others. Importantly, show colleagues exactly what 2m looks like (pictured).

Use our social distancing and hand sanitisation range

My Visual Management has created a range of social distancing signs and tools to support you. Signage is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Magnetic options also work on magnetic receptive surfaces. Furthermore, we have developed magnetic overlays for magnetic whiteboards. Therefore, you can, for example, upgrade a pre-existing magnetic whiteboard to become a hand sanitisation station, or create a standalone hand sanitisation station.

Further information

These are just a few of the ways we can help you. To find out more, or to discuss your workplace in greater detail, please feel welcome to contact us

For more general information on social distancing, please refer to government guidance.

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covid sign
A-boards are ideal for setting up a one-way system on your site.
Hand Sanitisation Stations
Create clear sanitiser stations at key areas.
social distancing floor markings
Social distancing floor graphics which stand out and mark the safe distance.
social distancing sign
It’s important to show colleagues exactly what the safe distance looks like.