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Improve Workspace


Increase awareness of Continuous Improvement

Increase team awareness of targets with visual displays. Furthermore, clearly show targets and the status of each of them. For example, our KPI boards and other visual tools work with magnetic RAG status dials.  Similarly, they are easy to update. For example, with dry wipe pen. In addition, we custom make all our boards to meet your needs.

Consistency for Continuous Improvement

Visual management upholds a consistent commitment to Continuous Improvement across the whole site. This works because visual management provides constant reminders of targets. Therefore, constantly assess SQDC and other management processes.

Set targets for Continuous Improvement

Productivity improves because visual management makes targets immediately visible. Most importantly, custom make your board and show your targets. Likewise, add status dials or status sliders for instant reference. Similarly, choose dry wipe or magnetic labels so data is quick and easy to update. Above all, because this feeds the Continuous Improvement cycle. Firstly, set the target. Secondly, meet the target. Finally, update the target, and repeat..

magnetic whiteboard overlay
A KPI board supports your Continuous Improvement strategy
magnetic whiteboard overlay
RAG Status Dial for instant reference
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magnetic whiteboard overlay
Continuous Improvement Board
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Quality station

Improve workspace

Above all, make your space work. Literally. In other words, give your workspace a job. To clarify, use your walls, floors, stairwells and corridors for Continuous Improvement. Therefore, put in place visuals to improve operations. Most importantly, make your visuals serve a specific purpose. For example, assessing KPIs. Finally, deliver a better working environment. This is because visual boards or wall visuals replace otherwise blank areas.

Motivation for Continuous Improvement

Visual management boards show targets and celebrate success. Likewise, they and monitor progress and track results in a highly visible way. Above all, feed the Continuous Improvement cycle.


Visual management offers constant reminders of Health & Safety, hygiene and safety because this increases compliance. Examples include PPE and changing procedure boards and, likewise, hand wash procedure boards.

Quality standards

Visually show your quality objectives. Avoid defects, and, above all, show what good looks like. Make your quality standards clear to all your team.

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Examples of our Continuous Improvement Boards

Custom approach

We custom make all signs, boards and wall visuals. Likewise, we work with you to deliver what’s best. Furthermore, our team works with a simple idea or sketch you have. Above all, creating a professional visual design. Finally, this is turned into a highly functional visual management board.


We create engaging visual displays to suit your workplace and to support your Continuous Improvement strategy. Above all, providing your team with the most relevant information. Furthermore, making it available at a glance.


Most importantly, we create the perfect display for you. From visual management boards, printed whiteboards, or roll up magnetics for whiteboard overlays.

Feeding the Continuous Improvement cycle

Most importantly add visual points of reference that are easy to update. Firstly, for example, add magnetic accessories for easy updates. Secondly, choose dry-wipe to edit your board direct and add fresh data. Finally, Red/Green sliders or R.A.G. (Red, Amber, Green) status dials. These quickly and visually update your board. Above all, custom make a board to meet your needs.

magnetic whiteboard overlay
Printed whiteboards for your SQDC objectives
magnetic whiteboard overlay
RAG Status dials with percentages
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magnetic whiteboard overlay
Post work area sign off board
magnetic whiteboard overlay
Practical problem solving board

Perfectly sized

All visual management designs are custom sized so they fit the space you have available.


If required, our visual management boards easy to update because this is important for continuous improvement.

Fit for purpose

My Visual Management offers quality. The visual management boards we provide are durable so they withstand industrial cleaning.

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Options and Accessories

Board Options

  • Printed whiteboard example Ferrero
  • Visual management board for Cobb
  • Magnetic overlay for modular visual management board
  • Handheld printed whiteboard
  • Mobile whiteboard for PFU

So show your visual display on any of these options. Firstly, a Frameless Board. Secondly, a Printed Whiteboard. Likewise, a Magnetic Overlay (covers any magnetic whiteboard). On the other hand, choose a Mobile Whiteboard (double sided options available). Finally, Handheld Whiteboard. In short, standard and custom sizes available. Furthermore, use indoors, outdoors or in wet production areas.

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Board Accessories

  • status dials modular visual management board
  • Magnetic numbers for modular visual management board
  • Red green status sliders modular visual management board
  • Status Indicators
  • pass fail magnetic labels for visual management boards

So all our board options work with our board accessories and status indicators.  Above all, these add visual functionality. Therefore, accessories include a range of status indicators. Likewise, many magnetic options. For example, magnetic headers and magnetic labels. Furthermore, add document holders. In addition, T-cards and ticket systems. Most importantly, we custom make board accessories. As a result, we meet your needs.

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Our Approach

Most importantly, we create visual management boards everyday. As a result we have so much experience. Furthermore, we work for organisations throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Likewise, we support businesses in food production, the power industry, national rail, pharmaceuticals, education, healthcare, logistics and distribution.

Above all, our team works with a simple idea or sketch you have. Subsequently, we create a professional design layout for you. After that, we use it to custom make you a highly functional visual management board.

We offer custom options so we make the perfect board for you. So, here are a few examples. Firstly, for example, we can add magnetic areas or a dry-wipe finish (for use with whiteboard pens). Furthermore, choose status indicators. Likewise, board accessories. Therefore, quickly update your board. Similarly, in a visual way. In short, make your processes visible and accessible, at a glance. These are just a few examples of the ways in which we meet your needs. You may also be interested in whiteboard overlays that work like a new face for a magnetic whiteboard.

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