Bespoke magnetic visual management boards

Our magnetic visual management boards are custom designed because they need to support your objectives. Each magnetic board we make is unique because it is made for you. First of all, it is customised so it achieves your targets. Secondly, it shows exactly the information you need so it can include your own team name, for instance. Your board is also custom sized so it fits perfectly in your work area and close to the process at hand.

Durable and rust resistant

Magnetic boards are of a durable hardboard construction that does not rust.  This is because they are made to withstand manufacturing areas that are washed down. All our magnetic boards are custom designed because they need to fit the purpose and your work space. We also manufacture magnetic components to fit on the boards including number sets, months, product names, or anything else required. This is because we want to offer complete flexibility so our magnetic visual management boards work for you.

Made for you

We offer an array of options for creating the perfect magnetic board for you. Our team can work with a simple idea or sketch you have to create a professionally designed layout, which can then be turned into a highly functional magnetic visual management board. You might want magnetic document holders to safely hold paper or numbered magnetic stickers, for example. Similarly, you might want to add colour coded updates for instant visibility. Therefore you can choose Red/Green sliders or Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status dials for your board. This provides instant reference because an area’s status is immediately visible.
These are just some examples of how our boards can be customised to meet your needs. We do this because, above all, they are made to work for you.

Start your board

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your magnetic visual management board project. To speak about an idea with our team, please feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

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