My Visual Management is so called because it facilitates your vision for visual management within your organisation.

The My Visual Management ethos is the development of tailored communication boards – like KPI or Value Streams – right up to a complete, site-wide visual management strategy across one or more locations, which takes a cohesive approach to all visual communications, promoting everything from waste reduction to Health & Safety, in a way that is particularly designed to fit within your workspace and in line with your operational and quality objectives and protocols.

My Visual Management is not about providing off-the-shelf graphics and one-size-fits-all signage that you might find anywhere.

Specifically created for your operations, your visuals will reflect your brand values, production and quality objectives in the most ergonomic way whilst concurrently being engaging communication tools for your team and clients.

During your consultation, which may include site visits, our experienced team will ascertain your specific needs and the ambitions you have for your visual management or continuous improvement programme and help you develop this into a cohesive range of visuals. This is also the stage when production deadlines, a programme of works, plus budget are discussed.

To set up your consultation, please get in touch